Instructions for installing The New School Laptop System Check Application

Please follow these steps for downloading and running our System Check application. This will allow you to see whether your laptop meets the specifications required by the Parsons curriculum.

  1. To download the installer, choose your preferred operating system:

  2. Find the file you downloaded in step one and double-click it to extract the zip file. The file will be called "Adobe System" or "Adobe System". Depending on your computer's settings, the zip file may automatically unzip.

  3. Double-click the extracted file, "Adobe System" on Mac or "Adobe System Check.exe" on Windows, to start the system check.

  4. If you are running Mac OS 10.8 or higher and you get an alert that the application cannot be opened because it was not downloaded from the Apple Store, follow steps A–F in the below section, "Allow Third-Party Installers and Apps in Mac OS X."

  5. Once the installer opens, you will be taken to a URL that will prompt you to log in. Please use your New School NetID and password to log in.

Allow Third-Party Installers and Apps in Mac OS X (Mountain Lion or Newer)

This troubleshooting guide will walk you through the process of updating your preferences to allow third-party applications to be installed on your computer. This alert may appear in OS X Mountain Lion and later because Apple changed the default setting to allow only apps downloaded from the App Store to run.

  1. The following is the error that you may have received:

  2. Go to System Preferences:

  3. Then, under the Personal tab, go to Security & Privacy:

  4. Go to the General tab and unlock the menu:

  5. Under the "Allow applications downloaded from" section, select "Anywhere":

  6. You should now be able to install the System Check application. Return to the file that you downloaded and re-run the installer to continue (step 3 above).


Use of this system is restricted to authorized users only. By continuing, you acknowledge your awareness of and concurrence with The New School Statement on the Responsibilities of Computer Users. Unauthorized access is a violation of university policy and state and federal laws and regulations, and may be subject to disciplinary action, criminal prosecution, and/or civil action. If you do not agree to these terms, disconnect or log off now.